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Using Kaltura Quizzes to Build Interactivity into Videos

This video has no audio so no captions have been included.
Credit: Adapted from Oilfield Training Center. “Drilling Training – Run Drill Pipe Through Rotary Table.” YouTube. May 18, 2016.

Many instructors supplement their online course materials with instructor-created or third-party YouTube videos. While these videos can enhance the learning experience, they often leave students in a passive role. Current learning theory suggests that we can motivate more effective learning when learners play an active role rather than a passive role. Kaltura (Penn State’s tool for storing, publishing, and streaming media) can be used to insert quiz questions into videos to build interactivity, and in turn, help shift students from passive observers to active learners.

In this example, the Drilling Training video shows the four different question types supported by Kaltura quizzes: Reflection Point (0:09), Multiple Choice (0:21), True/False (0:40), and Open-Ended (1:04). Each question type, except for the Reflection Point, allows you to supplement the questions with hints and/or provide feedback indicating the rationale behind the correct answers. It is important to note that the Drilling Training video used in this example is a third-party YouTube video. Kaltura quiz questions can be added to instructor-created videos and to third-party YouTube videos.

You can share your quiz with a direct link to your Kaltura Media page or you can use two different embed codes (public or private) to add your quiz to an existing web page. If you are working in Canvas, you can also add the video quiz directly into your Canvas course space with the Embed Kaltura Media tool.



  • Kaltura products support all major screen readers; JAWS for Chrome, NVDA for Firefox, and voiceover for Safari.
  • All videos should have closed captions and transcripts. (Note: The YouTube video used to create the Kaltura quiz in this example has no audio track.)


  • If using third-party YouTube videos, you need to make sure the videos are listed publicly and are viewable to everyone.
  • The Kaltura quiz function is not currently tied to the Canvas gradebook and should only be used for formative assessment.
  • Interactive videos can also be created using H5P, but connecting them to the Canvas gradebook is more difficult or sometimes not possible, depending on how your institution handles H5P.

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