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Employing Just-in-Time Learning: DataCamp

TryIt Python Example

You can use Python coding to solve all sorts of problems. To get started, let's try something simple. In the left half of the window, try to enter the variables and the sum in the correct spaces, and then choose the Run button. A correct answer will return the following result in the right side of the DataCamp window: “The sum of 1.5 and 6.3 is 7.8” 

# This will get executed each time the exercise gets initialized. # Using the variables below, verify that 1.5 plus 6.3 equal 7.8. num1 = num2 = # Add two numbers sum = # Display the sum print('The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}'.format(num1, num2, sum))

Sometimes, students who have received complex or demanding material in class cannot later quite remember the required steps or information necessary to complete assigned homework. Course authors and designers can intentionally help with this sort of situation by promoting “just in time” skill building. Repetitive practice reinforces the learning of a skill or behavior, and instructors can now include an opportunity for practice the moment a concept is presented by embedding DataCamp as a sort of “scratch pad” for students. To work with DataCamp for some just-in-time practice with coding, follow this example: 

  • Offer students an example of a simple problem that can be solved using Python coding.
  • Suggest that students use the DataCamp window that’s embedded in the course to practice writing their own code to solve a similar simple task. 
  • Inform students that they can select the “Run” button at the bottom of the DataCamp window in order to see if their code has been written correctly to solve the problem. 

Note: you can try a simplified version of this practice yourself in the DataCamp window above!

Later, when the learner sits down to attend to homework, the task and process required will be that much more familiar due to prior knowledge and experience at the point when the concept was presented in the lesson.

Students can gain familiarity with Python while receiving instruction in any mode - be it synchronous, asynchronous or via cell phone while attending class in person. While doing homework, students can refer to the code they created previously in DataCamp. During office hours, instructors can reflect with individual students as they refer to content in Canvas and enter code in DataCamp - all in the same window. Repetitive practice builds learning!


DataCamp can be used with several programming languages including Python and R.

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